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Life Coaching… How does the process work?

Life coaching how does the coaching processing work

My previous post Life Coach? what is a life coach? provides understanding of what a life coach is, now I will share some of the different methods that Life Coaches use to help their clients. I’ll briefly explain a few of them here.

  • One-on-One Coaching

In this method, a life coach and client connect one-on-one, either in person, through phones, or over the internet (Skype, face-time, etc.), usually for 60-90 minutes each week.

Together, they discuss where the client is in their process, what results they’ve gotten from their efforts so far, and how to fine-tune those efforts and take the next step so they can continue to make progress in the coming week.

Life Coaches also teach their clients how to understand and apply the principles of success so that their efforts bear fruit more quickly than they could without that knowledge.

This method is useful for diving deep into a client’s life and mindset.

  • Group Coaching

This style of life coaching takes place on a conference call with a group of clients, spending a portion of the call teaching the clients about the Principles of Success, and then taking time to have open discussion with answering any questions.

This method is a bit less in depth than one-on-one coaching, but it allows the clients to learn from each others’ questions and journeys, and to network with each other. It increases the energy that everyone receives through the calls, because they’re gathering in a community of passionate, like-minded people.

Group coaching allows a life coach to serve more individuals, create a passionate community for their clients.

  • Live Events

Live events allow Life Coaches who enjoy interacting in person, wanting to help a lot of people get a fast start and learn a great deal in a short period of time, a live, on-stage event is an incredible way to do this.

These events can be one, two, even three days. This type of event gives a room full of individuals detailed guidance on how to create the life of their dreams, as well as assignments, action steps, and group exercises as needed, so that they can learn the material as quickly as possible in the time together.

  • Pre-Recorded Curricula

Pre-Recorded Curricula is another way Life Coaches help their clients, this allows the client to consume the material at their own pace. The Life Coach will generally pair this type of coaching with group coaching calls to ensure that their clients are never left wondering how to  use your teaching or what to do next.

  • Combinations of the Above

Many Coaches combine two or more of the above methods in order to give their clients the best possible results.

Regardless of which system a Life Coach uses, it should include all four of these elements:

  1. Teaching the Universal Principles of Success. Without this element, the clients will never be able to create the results and transformations that they are looking for, so the Life Coach must be able to give them the training they need in this area.
  2. The system should help the client get clarity on what they truly desire, on their purpose in life, and on who they are at their core.
  3. The system should help the client form a practical, actionable, step-by-step plan to reach their goals. It should also teach them how to formulate future plans, so they can create success over and over again in every area of their life.
  4. The system should give the client ongoing support, so they never have to handle the changes they’re creating, or the obstacles they encounter, alone.


In my next post I’m excited to share my ‘why’ to becoming a Certified Whole Health Counselor and Certified Life Coach.



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Life Coach? what is a life coach?

life coaching what is a life coach

Life Coaching… What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is a professional mentor who helps you to:

  • Identify the dreams and desires that are aligned with your soul’s purpose, and that will make you feel authentically happy and fulfilled.
  • Remove the mindsets, habits and other obstacles that hold you back from activating and realizing those dreams.
  • Create a plan to turn your dreams into reality.
  • Take consistent, productive action on that plan, improve the plan when necessary, and overcome any setbacks or obstacles that appear along the way.
  • Master Invisible Laws of Success, so that reaching your goals becomes practically inevitable.

A life coach is someone who finds joy in using their gifts to help people create the lives of their dreams. Your life coach is the light that helps you see the answers you already have inside yourself and find the courage to pursue those answers, even when your circumstances tell you to just give up.

Life Coaching… What it is NOT!

  • A life coach is NOT like a Self-Help Book!

Self-help books often offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Even if they do allow some wiggle room for people to implement their teachings in a way that fits their personality and life, very few of them effectively help their readers implement the process in a way that creates real change. Self-help books become ‘shelf-help’: things that people read, are impressed by, use just a little bit, and them put away on the shelf without ever fully applying the tactic or strategies to their lives.

Even if people DO use their teachings, many books also fail to guide their readers through the process of coping with the old wounds and new obstacles that inevitably arise when a person attempts to change the status quo.

The ego and mind seldom allows the familiar to change without a fight, so life coaches provide their clients with ongoing support and tools to prevent them from slipping back into their old patterns, and to help them through the sometimes frightening transition from who they are right now to who they want to be.

  • A life coach is NOT a Therapist!

Therapy emphasizes getting people to talk about their problems, repeatedly bringing their focus back to their wounds, and trying to heal them. It doesn’t usually teach them how to stop the behavior that leads to those wounds, and to attract the life they want to live instead.

Life coaches help people understand why they went through the pain that they did, why they’re still  suffering, and why the same bad things keep showing up in their lives, but they DON’T focus on the wounds. Instead, they help their clients heal their emotional scars, regain faith in themselves, in the world, and change the habits and mindsets that have continued to attract that pain over and over again.

  • A life coach is NOT a Psychologist!

While both professions help people understand the human mind, life coaches go far beyond that. We use our understanding of the mind to unleash our clients’ inner power and creativity, to help them tap into wisdom that they didn’t know they had, and to turn their minds into powerful magnets that attract the people and circumstances they want, with far less time and effort on their part than conventional thinking would believe possible.

As Henry David Thoreau once wrote:

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

We understand that the human mind works in conjunction with powerful and universal laws, and these laws govern whether you’ll succeed in any area of your life. Because of this, it is vital to know how to make your mind work in your favor, and life coaches show their clients how.



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What IF… I AM?


When you look in the mirror who do you see?

YOU ARE good looking, YOU ARE smart, YOU ARE strong, YOU ARE valuable!

Do you sometimes think differently than this? before you answer this questions, take a moment and think about where any other response may come from. Why would you think otherwise? Where would these thoughts come from? Have they been spoken to you? Have you pondered these thoughts secretly? Are they rooted in doubt and insecurity or in confidence and truth?

We often tend to conform to the opinions of those around us, and use comparison to build our self-worth. We are whipping up a recipe of disaster for ourselves doing such a thing. Leading to a life being very fickle, and unhappy.

Comparison is a double-edge sward, too often leading to destruction! Stressing to fit in, wanting to stand out and the pressure to be perfect. These are all self induced afflictions, robbing us of our peace, joy and contentment. The bible warns us; “But when they measure themselves by one another and compare themselves with one another, they are without understanding” – 2 Corinthians 10:12 ESV

WHAT IF… YOU based your identity and self-worth on something other than the opinions of those around you or even your own opinions?

WHAT IF… YOUR value was based on something that never changes? Something that is fixed and decided for all eternity NEVER to be UNDONE? God determines WHO YOU ARE, and that is the ONLY “opinion” that matters!!

God NEVER changes in His thoughts towards YOU! He does not look at you as a lump sum of your decisions, nor does He judge you based on your worthiness. The moment you surrender to HIM, and confessing HIM as your Lord and Savior, is the moment God places a new identity on you, in you and for you!

He sees you as His child, He delights in YOUR HAPPINESS, and it is His firm desire to encourage and affirm your true identity—

I AM entitled to have passion, happiness, and healthy confidence. I was born to have, and live a life of passion, happiness and healthy confidence.

Send me an email at or message me to discover what Authentic Confidence is and how to feel safe enough to speak and act on our truth. We will learn the importance of connecting with the Infinite to expand our awareness and experience the life we would love to live. The very fact that we are alive and breathing means we deserve Confidence and this will help begin to restore trust in ourselves.